YouTube Fitness in Lockdown

Last night, I dreamt I saved a dog from the pound. He was timid and not accustom to humans, but I instantly loved him. When I brought him into the pet store with me to pick out a new leash, I realized I had forgotten my FACE MASK. I was instantly terror-struck. That is my 2020 version of a public nudity nightmare.

Globally, we are experiencing a huge uptick of COVID cases, and it’s pretty evident the strain it’s had on people. You can’t turn on the news without seeing stories of people spitting and/or coughing on each other. And that’s in CANADA where we are known for our niceness. It’s been a very difficult year, and this winter will likely be the hardest part.

My day (paying) job is highly stressful, especially this year. I’m a Human Resources Manager at a large manufacturing and construction company. COVID safety has been my main focus for 2020. My fun (unpaid) evening and weekend job is in fitness. At one time, I owned and operated a side personal training/bootcamp company. But after 10 years of juggling my corporate job with my business, exhaustion set in. I shut the business down six years ago, but I kept teaching fitness classes at the local YMCA.

When the gyms were forced to close down, a good friend and past bootcamp participant jokingly asked me to do workouts on YouTube. I remember laughing at the thought, as I poured another glass of wine. Little did I know a seed had been planted. I thought of her daily, and something inside me was itching to get out. SO, I decided to do it! I filmed a workout on my iPhone and posted it to my Facebook Fit page. To my surprise, people actually did the workout. So I did another, and another, and… well you get the picture.

The video and audio quality sucked! REALLY SUCKED! But with nothing else to do in my spare time, it became a hobby so I kept on going. It wasn’t until sometime in July that I moved over to YouTube. I bought new cameras, soft box lighting, an external mic, a tripod, and I reworked my basement to look somewhat gym like. In a very short amount of time, I’ve taught myself how to edit videos, find copyright free music, design thumbnails, and I’m still learning. My little hobby has evolved into quite the pricey little venture, haha.

To date I have a total of 42 subscriber, which is nothing in the land of YouTube. That doesn’t matter to me though. It would be near impossible to compete with the beautiful, younger, much thinner popular fitness trainers in YouTube land. I don’t have a fancy studio space, and my filming gear is only moderately acceptable. Regardless, I have no plans of stopping. My 42 subscriber mean the world to me; they push me to learn and grow. We keep each other safe and strong in a year full of shit, and for that I will be forever grateful.

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