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Across the globe, more and more people are choosing to workout at home, and the fitness industry is adapting to the new world we live in. At the beginning of 2020, HIIT UR GOALS began uploading free full-length workouts to keep people active during tough times – channel link: YouTube Channel. There are now over 150 at-home cardio, strength and flexibility workouts to choose from, and new workouts are posted weekly Monday, Wednesday & Friday. HIIT UR GOALS mission is to provide a safe and accessible place for people to take care of their mental and physical health.

I started my own personal fitness journey over 20 years ago, and exercise truly changed my life for the better. Exercise has giving me the tools I needed to overcome depression and manage a lifelong anxiety disorder. I wanted nothing more than to help others who were struggling in life. I spent every spare moment gaining knowledge and skills in the fitness industry, all while growing my career in human resources. Have two careers can be exhausting, but I love what I do!

I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and weight trainer. I specialize in HIIT style workouts, but I post a variety of class styles every week. My blog is focused on overall wellness: exercise, stress reduction, midlife weight struggles, and more.

I’m bringing all my workouts from my home to yours! Stay Safe & Stay Strong Friends!

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